Recording a 4th album!

M!ndgames started recording their 4th album. Release scheduled for autumn this year. Recording a 4th album

Announcement: International Daylight SOLD OUT!
Our debut album International Daylight (2003) is completely sold out. All hard copies now gain the status of a collector's item ;-). This album was sold out quite fast. Therefore we decided to reprint International Daylight. Now, after having sold much more copies than we expected, we decided not to release a third edition of this album (we still have a very, very, very little amount of copies left. But those will only be available during our gigs).
However, International Daylight is still available as complete download on iTunes, CDBaby and many others.
A big thank you to all our fans for buying this album and playing it very loud!

M!ndgames welcomes a new guitar player

We're excited to announce Sandro Starita as our new guitar player! Mindgames and Matvi Bilis decided to discontinu their collaboration. Sandro is a driven and self-taught guitar player, interested in (almost) all kinds of music. His favourites are Iron Maiden's Adrian Smith, Randy Rhoads, David Gilmour, Guthrie Govan and many many others. Before moving to Belgium, Sandro played for many years in an Italian prog-metal band and after that he collaborated with various line-ups. With his guitar skill and motivation Sandro has proven to be the perfect M!ndgames band member!

A new rehearsal room
After a long and unexpected break, M!ndgames finished the construction of a new rehearsal room.
Some minor have things to be done, and then.... composing new stuff!

M!ndgames @ Prog 66 Meeting
On November 10th, M!ndgames will perform @ The Spirit Of '66 during the Prog 66 Meeting. More info on our Concert page ».

Concert announcement: May 6th - M!ndgames with AmAndA
On May 6th, M!ndgames will perform @ The Spirit Of '66 together with AmAndA. More details soon on our Concert page ».

M!ndgames cancels their MySpace account
After careful consideration, we have decided to discontinue our MySpace profile. We're happy to welcome you on our other web sites!

Extra Production MMX
We're proud to announce, by popular demand, the new production for our latest album MMX Thanks to all our fans!

Concert announcement: October 19th - M!ndgames @ Das Rind
On October 19th, M!ndgames will perform in Das Rind (DE). More details soon on our Concert page ».

Concert announcement: March 24th - M!ndgames with Leap Day
On March 24th, M!ndgames will perform together with Leap Day. More details soon on our Concert page ».

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