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M!ndgames @ Das Rind, Rüsselsheim, DE, October 1st
Mindgames will perform at the 5th Anniversary Progressive Promotion Festival on October 1st. On the same day Riverside, Magic Pie and Unto Us will perform. Visit Progressive Promotion Records website here ».

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M!ndgames listed in Top10 2010 from Background Magazine
MMX is listed on 9th place in the 2010 Top10 from Background Magazine, and appears in de 2010 Top10 from the Background Magazine Members. Thanks guys! Visit the Background Magazine website here ».

Concert Announcement
Mindgames will perform @ ProgFrog on Sunday March 13th at 3pm (doors 2 pm).
Venue: 't Blok, Ijsermanpad 1, Nieuwerkerk a/d Ijsel, Netherlands. More here ».

M!ndgames twice in Top 10
Album MMX is listed twice in The International Prog Rock Show Top 20 of 2010. Tnx Rick and Frank! Tnx to all our fans!
Visit The International Prog Rock Show here ».

M!ndgames on 1st place in the Sympho Shop Top 2010
Album MMX is ranked 1st on Sympho Shop Top 2010. A big thank you to all our fans for their support! (tnx Ellis!)
Visit Sympho Shop website here ».

M!ndgames live on June 18th
On Saturday June 18th M!ndgames will perform live in De Lakei, Helmond (NL). More here », and on our Concert page.

December 19th - Mindgames in top 50 on Progressive X Grooves albums of 2010.
Mindgames is ranking number 23 in the Progressive X Grooves top 50 albums of 2010! Download PDF here ».
Visit website Progressive X Grooves here ».

October 30th - New concert pictures added
We've added some pictures from our latest concert with Flamborough Head and Yesterdays. Thanks Arthur Haggenburg for some nice shoots! Pictures here ».

July 28th - Concert announcement
On October 16th M!ndgames will gig with Flamborough Head (NL) and Yesterdays (Rumania) at The Starsound Studio in Utrecht (NL).

June 7th - Mindgames special edition guest on RosaFM!
The International Prog Rock Show in Montreal will have a full three hour show dedicated to Mindgames on June 6 2010, with an interview pre-recorded with Bart Schram. From 3 pm to 6 pm EST in Montreal, which is from 21h to 00h in Europe.
For those of you who miss it, the show will be made available as a podcast on Monday June 7, 2010 or Tuesday June 8, 2010 at ».

June 6th - Mindgames special edition guest on RosaFM!
Mindgames is special edition guest at Progressive x Grooves radio, today between 20h and 22h at RosaFM ».
Chat with Mindgames here ».

June 1th - Mindgames on FIRST place in "De Wereldse Tien" on Progwereld!
Mindgames reaches the 1st place on "De Wereldse Tien" on Progwereld. More on Progwereld ».

May 30th - Mindgames In Progression Magazine
Mindgames ad and review in Progression Magazine - issue #59. More on Progression Magazine ».

May 3th - Mindgames on 2nd place in "De Wereldse Tien" on Progwereld
Mindgames climbs to the 2nd place on "De Wereldse Tien" on Progwereld. More on Progwereld ».

May 2nd - Mindgames Interview on SymphoShop between 20h00 - 22h00
Mindgames will be interviewed by SymphoShop. M!ndgames is "Item of the week" on SymphoShop. More on SymphoShop ».

April 5th - Mindgames enters "De Wereldse Tien" on on 3th place
Mindgames enters "De Wereldse Tien" on on 3th place. More on Progwereld ».

March 19th - Mindgames on Empire Music Sampler CD
A song from out latest album will appear on the next Empire Music Sampler CD ».

March 3th - Mindgames live @ Merksemdok
M!ndgames will perform live @ Merksemdok on Saturday June 5th. More info tba »

Feb 22th - Mindgames live @ The Spirit of '66
On Sunday February 28th at 18u30, M!ndgames will perform live @ The Spirit of '66. Check out The Spirit ».

Feb 10th - iTunes error solved
iTunes finally corrected their link to MMX. MMX is now added to International Daylight and Actors In A Play. Here's a direct link »

Feb 7th - IOPages: "Vette Krent" for MMX
In IOPages nr. 92/2010 MMX received a "Vette Krent" topscore! Review by Paul Rijkens. To IOPages ».

Feb 1th - More concert pictures added
More pictures of MMX Live... and more to come! To Pictures ».

Jan 31th - MMX on iTunes
For about ten days now, MMX can be bought directly From iTunes. BUT! iTunes made a mistake by adding MMX to the wrong band... Yep! We contacted our partners concerning this mistake, but ... it takes time to correct this. Nevertheless, we thought "let's spread the news". A direct link can be found [here] and in our Store.

Jan 28th - Free download offer ends on Jan 31st
Three days left.... Then the free download of opening song The Source will be removed!

Jan 28th - MMX Review on ProgWalhalla
Most of the seven compositions deliver a song oriented approach with very tasteful work on guitar and keyboards, pleasant vocals and flowing shifting moods: a dynamic and bombastic sound with lush keyboards and powerful guitar in The Source, a beautiful build-up from dreamy with warm vocals and tender piano to a compelling final part with howling guitar and a choir-Mellotron sound in Glory Of Night, from mellow with acoustic guitar and soaring keyboards to a slow rhythm with moving wah-wah guitar and Hammond organ in In My Humble Opinion …, sensitive electric guitar, sensational synthesizer flights and in the end bombastic Hammond and a fiery guitar solo in the varied Travels, from tender piano to powerful wah-wah guitar in the wonderful Outside The Gloom and exciting work on guitar and keyboards in the catchy Destination Sky. But we can listen to the band in its full splendor during the alternating and compelling epic final composition The Pendulum: after a spacey intro Mindgames presents an excellent balance of mellow, more dynamic and bombastic parts, from a tight rhythm with fiery guitar leads to a beautiful interlude with warm classical guitar and soaring keyboards, culminating in a strong conclusion featuring a very moving guitar solo with howling runs and majestic keyboards (a choir-Mellotron sound and Hammond organ), this is Prog Heaven!

Jan 24th - MMX in concert
First pictures of MMX Live. To Pictures ».

Jan 23th - MMX in concert
Mindgames will present MMX today. Visit our Concert page.

Jan 21st - Haiti Relief: CD Baby will donate $1 for every CD sold
After collecting donations in the office and volunteering our time to help sort and ship supplies, we wanted to do more to help the victims of the horrible earthquake tragedy in Port Au Prince, Haiti. By selling your music on CD Baby, you can help raise funds towards those affected by the disaster.

Starting on Monday, January 25th and continuing for two weeks, we will donate $1 from every CD sale through our website, and $1 from every download sale over $8.99 on our site, to the American Red Cross and to Mercy Corps, a Portland-based relief organization with a large presence in Haiti. With your help, we hope to raise tens of thousands of dollars. Visit CDBaby.

Jan 10th - MMX on CDBaby available NOW!
Due to the holidays and the bad weather conditions of the last weeks, it took a little longer for MMX to reach CDBaby. We apologise for the inconvenience caused for those who tried to order or download a copy. But now, at last, MMX can be bought or downloaded directly from our Artist Page!

Jan 1st - A happy MMX!
After International Daylight and Actors In A Play, Mindgames proudly presents their third album MMX. Seven new independent songs! A contemporary production, screaming guitars, soundscapes, rolling drums and howling hammonds.


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